About Sophia

In the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), I am known as Baroness Sophia de Subligny. I play in the very warm Southern Kingdom of Meridies (Corona Vult!), and live in the metro-Atlanta area. I have a deep and abiding love of all things artsy, and have been sewing and doing needlework of all kinds since my teens. Although my SCA motto is “Je vise à être vilaine,” or “I aim to misbehave,” I probably should have translated “I can make that myself” instead.

Most of my time in the SCA has focused on service. Since 2014 I have sponsored Newcomer’s Haven, a pavilion for newcomers and visitors which I host at major events. Newcomer’s Haven serves as an information point, and provides refreshments and friendly faces to help new people “get their sea legs.” Beginning in the Spring of 2015 and continuing to the Fall of 2019, I held the position of Kingdom Recruiting Deputy, in the Chatelaine’s office.

Currently I serve as Kingdom Chronicler and edit the Kingdom newsletter, Popular Chivalry, which is published monthly.

Questions or comments? Contact me at SophiesNeedle@gmail.com.

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